Better Obedience through Kindness, Understanding & Science

Friends for Life; Holistic Pet Training LLC BBB Business Review

"Our pet trainers are awesome! They help us cultivate obedience through fostering trust and connection with our pet. Connection compounded with a few very simple and effective guidelines for communicating with our dog has done wonders for our family in terms of increasing the ease and enjoyability of living in an inter-species household as well as increasing her happiness and security as a new member of our family. Because science! "

 ~Arris Moon 

"Friends for Life kept our little family together when we introduced our spoiled Boston Terriers to our new baby. They ended up best friends!"

~Randall A.

"Natalie and Jenipher are not only the best trainers, but care deeply about each of their clients dog or human. My dog got out of our yard, they saw me post that he was loose and came out and looked for him! Now that is going above and beyond!!"

~Sandra Q.

"My dog has really learned a lot and improved his behavior."

~Karen H.

"They are really good!!!"

~Carol H.

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Private In-Home Rates:

Life of the Dog Training Package

The Life of the Dog training package is just that! Training and support for the Life of your Dog! Our goal is to help you and your dog become friends for life!

This amazing package includes 8 private in home sessions each an hour long. These lessons will cover basic manners, obedience and basic problem solving.

After those 8 educating lessons we will continue to be available for support via phone, internet (including Skype) and if that isn't enough we will schedule a private lesson and come "fix" issues in person!

WOW! Who does that? We DO! Because we believe in our methods! Force Free training is the Here and Now of dog training, we continue to educate ourselves with the newest methods and pass that knowledge on to our clients. Book your FREE consultation and let's start Training! 

$800/8 Sessions and Training Support for the Life of your Dog

Hourly Rate Obedience 

$150/ 60 min session

Hourly Rate Behavior Modification/ Aggression 

up to $200/ 60 min Session

Schedule a Lesson or Consultation

In home dog training is for people and dogs who need or prefer one on one instruction, because time and situations don't always allow for a Group Dog Training Class or sometimes a specific issue needs more attention. Maybe you just want the dog trainers undivided attention, we can customize a dog training package for you and your dog, work around your schedule making sure we reach the goals you have for your dog. Working out of your home allows us to evaluate the whole situation with your dogs lifestyle and issues. We will get you on the right path to having a happy, healthy and well rounded trained pet.

We Can help with Aggression and Fear Based Behaviors, Obedience, and Manners

In home dog training allows us to train not just you and your dog but your whole family! We specialize in teaching kids to work with their dogs to help with the kid/dog relationship and communication.

All of our courses recommend the use of a good fitting harness. We do not recommend any restrictive collars, chokes, ecollars, citronella collars, or flexible leads. We believe there is no place for these products in a training and behavior modification environment. Good training is built on trust and good solid foundations. Every animal has a right to express himself and you have a duty as a dog owner to try to find a way to meet the animal’s needs. By using suppression devices you will not achieve this goal. Flexible leads are dangerous and apart from causing injury, they do not allow you to have the appropriate control over your dog.

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All of Friends for Life's dog training programs use techniques recommended and supported by the Humane Society of the U.S., the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

We would like to introduce our Courage Dogs: Katy Rose and Lord Kelvin!

We use dogs to help our client dogs with issues such as fear reactivity, human aggression, and poor public manners.

Our Courage Dogs provide emotional support and guidance to dogs who lack skills to deal with higher stress situations. 






"To change behavior we have to remove the rewards for undesirable behavior and focus instead on rewarding good behavior. The simple approach, along with attention to the nuances of timing, body language, and motivation, forms the basis for establishing a relationship of trust between the human and the pet. Training becomes a joy rather than a chore and the methods open up a whole new connection with your pet." ~ Dr. Sophia Yin


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