Better Obedience through Kindness, Understanding & Science

Friends for Life; Holistic Pet Training LLC BBB Business Review

"Natalie and Jennipher are great. They train with gentleness and the puppies can feel that. They really care about the dogs and their owners.

~Susan P. " 

"We love Natalie and Jennifer. Our little Brittany wouldn't be the same loving friend she is without their nurturing and focus. Training people to treat dog-family members as well as our canine family members how to treat us people family members.

~Roisin L. "


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Friends for Life; Holistic Pet Training Group Classes

More information below!

Puppy & Obedience Group Classes


The E.P.R.D. Wulf Center in Evergreen!

Classes are held on Tuesdy and Friday evenings.

Thank you to EPRD for inviting Friends for Life and hosting us in this wonderful venue for our

Positive, Force Free training classes!

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"Positive training is the only way to develop a common language based on mutual trust, respect and love which guides dogs into making the right choices without damaging the relationship between man and dog. Based on modern behavioral science, positive training is a reboot to the traditional way of approaching not only dog training, but also the overall principles used in our everyday interactions with our dogs. By embracing the power of positive training and avoiding the pitfalls of dominance and punishment-based training, we're making a commitment to our canine companions to provide gentle, effective leadership and to better understand them while giving them the tools they need to thrive and succeed in our strange, domestic world." ~Victoria Stilwell

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OR Call Natalie @ 720-272-1668, Jenn @ 720-291-9831