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All of our courses recommend the use of a good fitting harness. We do not recommend any restrictive collars, chokes, ecollars, citronella collars, or flexible leads. We believe there is no place for these products in a training and behavior modification environment. Good training is built on trust and good solid foundations. Every animal has a right to express himself and you have a duty as a dog owner to try to find a way to meet the animal’s needs. By using suppression devices you will not achieve this goal. Flexible leads are dangerous and apart from causing injury, they do not allow you to have the appropriate control over your dog.

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Puppy Basics

6 Weeks/$120 DR ($138/NDR)

Fun Play and lots of information for you and your young dog. We want your puppy to be well socialized and knowing their basic 5 commands: Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Loose Leash walking. We continue with education about your puppies changing needs into maturity, support for house breaking and working towards acceptable manners for the family pet. Modern dog training methods that include treat reward, and clicker basics.

For ages 3 months through 7 months and tiny Breeds 4 months to 9 months.

Dog Obedience

6 Weeks/$120 DR ($138/NDR)

For the new dog in your home, or dogs who did not get to start with a puppy class. This class is perfect for basic obedience needs and a great foundation for your family pet. We get started with a "Settle" command, and solid Sit, Down, Stay and Come. We will introduce the loose leash heel and get you and your dog working together as a team. We use modern dog training methods such as clicker and treat reward, all positive reinforcement.

For dogs ages 7 months and up or at least finished the Puppy Basics Class.

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