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  Natalie has great patience and gentleness regarding the training of pups. She understood what having a bull terrier puppy involves and was very supportive of one step at a time!! Our puppy class with her taught me a lot and that is certainly essential, right? I look forward to working with her more so that I may be a better trained human. If you believe in the non-aggressive approach, with respect for the dog, Natalie is the one to contact.

~Robin Farkash with Bojo  Conifer, CO

 Natalie helped us with our Leonberger puppy Ekho from her first puppy class through a CGC achievement. I'm not sure who got the most training--Ekho or us. All the classes were focused on positive methods, problem solving and good experiences. Ekho is a take charge kind of girl and Natalie was always one step ahead of her. Ekho loved the classes and continues to enjoy training with the methods Natalie taught us.

~Susan Lavin with Ekho Pine, CO

  I would highly encourage everyone who has a pet to use Natalie and Jen from Friends For Life dog training. They are a pleasure to work with, very understanding and patient. Our dog Pappy would always be so excited to see them. Maybe because he loved the hot dogs :) It didn't feel like training at all it was always fun and enjoyable. Pappy and I have learned so much. It is such a reward to have a well trained and behaved dog because of Natalie and Jen?

~Brenda Lips with Pappy Conifer, CO

  Natalie was very supportive with the both the dogs and their owners. She is kind,patient and understanding. She helps you understand your dog and the reasons for their behaviors. She is very gentle in her approach with the dogs never yelling or yanking or using forceful techniques. She molds their behaviors in a fun and encouraging way, one step at a time. If you listen to her and practice you get great results ! She's also very approachable and available for questions and support when needed. I would highly recommend her classes. It will help you create a lifelong relationship with a dog that is a pleasure to take anywhere.

~Debora Kotas with Lilly Evergreen, CO

  We hired Natalie and Friends for Life to work with our very active and not-so-obedient shepard/heeler/collie mix puppies. Her approach to the dogs and the clicker training she uses are highly effective - it's been very impressive to see how our dogs responded to her and her methods. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking for a dog trainer with a special touch.

~ Jake Johnson with Sam and Brie Pine, CO

  I highly recommend Natalie @ Friends for Life as well. She has performed wonders for our rescued Australian Cattle Dog (and wonders for me as well !) ACD's are very high energy, plus he had issues from being bounced from homes to shelters. We LOVED the lessons with her - they were fun and we learned so much from her. I don't believe that there is a breed that she doesn't fully understand. Please avoid those trainers that use harsh methods - there is absolutely no need to make a dog cringe or cry. Learning should be fun.

~Kate Shofner with Kenny Evergreen, CO

Thanks to Natalie's guidance, my rescue terrier mix and I communicate pretty darn well. I no longer use electric collar or forceful training I learned years ago. Now she is helping me with my tiny beagle puppy. she has given me the gift of being patient and constantly improving my consistency in sending messages to my puppy.  

~Pam Warren with Abby Sue and Arfer Evergreen, CO

Natalie is amazing with dogs and their people. Her training methods are full of love and kindness, and they are extremely effective. She patiently explains how you need to correct YOUR behaviour so that our 4-legged friends understand what you're asking them to do. I can't recommend her highly enough. She told me once that she wants her dogs to enjoy being with her. What a refreshing viewpoint! She has made a positive impact on our lives, and I'm ever so grateful.

~Karen Durden with Hamish Conifer, CO

Excellent, we enrolled our toy poodle Cassie in 3 of Natalie's classes, puppy, obiedence and good citizen class. As a result Cassie loves being around big dogs, people stores, and concerts listens well ( most of the time :) she still is a puppy!. Natalie, provided great positive reinforcement training which we currently continue to use. I Highly recommend her positive training!

~Kay Huges with Cassie Conifer, CO

Natalie's puppy classes, and the subsequent private training we had with our new mini aussie shepherd Guinness, were fantastic. Natalie's technique is gentle, calm and so effective - following her advice, we managed to transform our ear-splittingly excitable Guinness into a chilled and happy dog who is a delight to be around, and clearly loves being around us too! I would totally recommend Friends for Life Holistic Pet Training.

~Gina Walker with Guinness Evergreen, CO

 It's been a true pleasure bringing our new Boxer puppy through his initial training with Natalie and Jenn! They create an environment that the pups love to go to and yet the dogs also understand that they are there to learn and develop new skills. I really appreciate Natalie and Jenn's positive reinforcement approach to training. I highly recommend Friends for Life and look forward to our next class!

~Alison Bessho with Trooper Evergreen, CO

My Siberian Husky puppy is enrolled in the S.T.A.R. Puppy program and he absolutely loves it! Natalie and Jen are wonderful. They are understanding and patient with my high-energy, trouble-seeking husky. They are willing to listen to my particular concerns and offer great advice. They have taught me very useful calming techniques and ways to gain my pup's attention when in a highly distracting environment. Natalie uses clicker training and positive reinforcement which has proven to be far more effective than any other training techniques I've tried. The class is very laid back and comfortable and leaves my pup happily worn out. He has come a long way since we first started the classes and I will undoubtedly continue his education with Natalie and Jen at Friends for Life!

~K.Spin with Kenosha Evergreen, CO

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