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Aggression and Fear Behavior Modification Services

Training and Behavior Modification 

Friends for Life Holistic Pet Training does not support the use of Aversive Methods in any of our training programs. We find they are never necessary and believe that all dogs deserve Force and Pain free training methods.

Aggression Training


   We provide help with aggression cases. Any situation, breed of dog and level of aggressive behavior. We use management, education and understanding, as well as proven scientific methods to teach you how to work with your dog. There is no reason to use harsh, painful methods to correct inappropriate behaviors in dogs. Regardless of breed or if you have worked with other trainers who's methods may have "failed". Our philosophy is to find what works and help you maintain a safe learning environment for you and your dog. Several methods using painful tools such as Electric Collars, Prong Collars and "Pack/Alpha" Theory's can be detrimental to the relationship with your dog as well as the mental and physical state of your pet.

Our Methods for working with "Aggressive/Fearful" dogs are Counter Conditioning/Desensitization using the B.A.T. model (Behavior Adjustment Training) formulated by Grisha Stewart. As well as Scientifically proven Positive Reinforcement methods using Clicker marking and reward.

Books we suggest in these situations are:

B.A.T. Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0

Feisty Fido

Cautious Canine 

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